Web Site Tweak Bookmarklet

Adjust annoyances that drive you nuts

Right click on the link and add it to your favorites or bookmark collection.

You may see a security alert. It's perfectly safe.


We all have different personal tastes. When it comes to web sites, it's hard to please everyone. How many times have you wanted to adjust one tiny thing?

Most browsers allow you use a custom stylesheet — a nice feature if you've got time to edit it and plan on returning to the same site more than once.

With the Tweak bookmarklet, however, you can instantly adjust all sorts of things on most web pages.

Helpful Hints

If you know a little bit about using javascript to control css, you'll be able to perform more creative tweaks. Here's a very nice list of some of the properties you can adjust.

Most browsers, including Mozilla and IE, allow you to display a special toolbar to hold some of your most frequently accessed bookmarks. Placing the Tweak Bookmarklet in this toolbar is a lifesaver.

You can use the Tweak Bookmarklet tool on your own web design projects. The bookmarket allows you to rapidly test design ideas right in your browser.