HTML + Javascript playable Breakout game which uses the scrollbar as the paddle!

Javascript is required.

The other day I was looking at a typical scrollbar, and I got to thinking about how much it resembles an old-school game paddle just begging to deflect something. I hadn't posted any zany experiments in a while, so why not? Perhaps I was influenced by Jason's recent post about Atari.

There are a few reasons why this won't work for everybody. This example guesses at the position and size of the scrollbar. Lots of things can sway the results (OS, browser, and system preferences all affect the height, width, and "skin" of the scrollbar.) Also, this example relies on "fixing" the position of elements, which has varying support. Lastly, it refreshes fairly quickly. Some might experience laggy play. Hey, it's just Javascript :)

This is more of a proof of concept, really. Perhaps someone else wishes to perfect the idea of using the scrollbar in a similar manner? It's playable, though!

» View the Javascript

As a side note: I had a good deal of fun designing the handful of "levels" in the game. I put some thought into making them original, yet moderately easy to progress. Enjoy!

— Ro London

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