Design Challenge

~Number One~

This challenge is presented for fun and sport. It's open to anyone who enjoys fiddling with design, web technique, and good natured competition. If you spend your free time pushing pixels, you may be a likely candidate for the grand prize!

Dual column layouts are easy to construct on the web. Often in printed media, such as a magazine article, you can find an image nestled between two columns as the text effortlessly glides around it on both sides. Here is an image to help illustrate:

Two column layout example

My contest is open to develop a method of emulating this print technique for the web. On September 12th, I'll reveal the author's name and source of my favorite entry. That person will win a $15 (USD) gift certificate to courtesy of moi!

Ideally, your submission should be as fluid as possible and work in as many browsers as possible. Every other detail is purposefully left open-ended. How you choose to interpret the problem and arrive at a solution is entirely up to you. Client side code only. No external files. Use this image URL in your source.

This challenge was closed on September 12th, 2003.

You can view the winning code here.

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